About Apella Institute

What is Apella Institute?

Apella Institute for Policy Analysis and Dialogue is an independent research institution which purports to provide cutting-edge, quality analytic support for the new generation of policy-making in Armenia, as well as the region. Our objective is to create an outstanding, inclusive analytic capacity, as well as a forum for alternative thinking and open debate on policy issues in a range of key areas in which the country/region lacks an independent and qualified platform for policy debate and critical analysis. Our ultimate mission is to support provision of quality thinking and ideas for achieving good, accountable, and democratic governance, competitive market economy, and regional peace and integration. The organization owes its name- Apella- to the deliberative assembly in ancient Sparta where the Spartan citizens gathered to discuss and debate policies and make decisions. This is what our initiative purports to become by and large: a deliberative forum for having both local and global policies and ideas analyzed, discussed, and debated

Who we are

We are a group of independent enthusiastic professionals who are committed to political and economic development through institutional change, good governance and competitive policies. Our core group of mates who initiated and stood closely to sustain this initiative consists of people with both strong academic background and managerial experience and skills. Our larger group of fellows includes outstanding experts from different fields of social sciences and management. Academic excellence and independent thinking is the major mark of this group. The majority of our fellows hold PhDs or other advanced degrees from lead international universities; we will keep aiming to attract the most qualified talent in the nation to join us in producing independent policy research. Volunteerism is our key principle. Our partners and fellows join us with the main purpose of helping production of good policies and sustaining of good governance. We are professionals. We are ranked high in respective professional markets as lead experts in our own fields. We create a think tank to give back to the society and to accomplish the mission and objectives as specified above. We devote our time and resource to contribute to knowledge-base and capacity in each of our fields. Our strategy for talent recruitment is based on the unique model of our organization. We are an umbrella organization: we make a public call to any competent and enthusiastic people and projects, which meet our criteria and respect our mission, to bring their ideas and projects and to lead them under our roof. We support young talents by encouraging them, helping them, and providing technical and professional support to advance their ideas and complete their projects.

Our Vision

We see institutional change as the key to achieving development and good governance. Institutional change requires policy shifts, and such policies require rigorous research and analysis. We will support change by providing quality analysis, advising on core policy issues and advocating for institutional change. We will conduct independent research as an alternative to policy-making affected by political agendas.