Campaigning against Corruption in Higher Education

Corruption in higher education hurts each and everyone. Students suffer first and foremost from the quality and access to education as bribery, fraud and a lack of transparency plague the education process.

Armenia has made only limited progress in its fight against corruption in any area of society and government, Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index reports. Local young people unhappy with the status quo are ready to tackle the vice using the trendiest methods modern communication technology provides.

45 students from different cities in Armenia came together for an all-weekend Academic Integrity Hackathon at Impact Hub Yerevan to rethink approaches to communicating corruption in universities. After two days of team work and consultations with mentors, 9 student teams competed with ideas of public information campaigns to awaken youth and challenge business as usual. Ideas ranges from a series of memes with anti-corruption messages to a social media challenge prompting students to take and share ‘selfies’ and stories about lecturers that are not corrupt. 

The winning idea presented by the students of  the American University of Armenia is an online challenge called The Empty Envelope. The campaign will be launched through social media and will invite students and lecturers to share stories and photos of empty envelopes as a positive token of non-corrupt academic practices.

See what students have to say about their efforts to fight corruption in the classroom:


The Apella Institute organized the event in July 2017. The winning ideas will be supported by the Institute and launched in autumn. The hackathon was organised in the framework of the project “Empowering the next generation – leveraging dialogue on academic integrity in Armenia. The project is supported by the Council of Europe Office in Yerevan.

See more photos from the hackathon.