Aleksandr Grigoryan has delivered a presentation in the conference ‘’DCFTAs and Beyond—How Can the EU Contribute to Development and Welfare in the Eastern Partnership Countries’’, held in Kiev, June 4-5 and organized by Kyiv School of Economics and Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics.

Our fellow has presented a game theoretical model, aimed at explaining Armenia’s unexpected shift from DCFTA to Customs Union in September 3, 2013. The conference has brought together such distinguished guests as Carl Bildt, Péter Balás, George Soros, Jeffrey D. Sachs, among others.

Dr. Grigoryan has been invited for the panel discussion ‘’Instead of DCFTAs—Alternative development strategies’’. Information about the conference can be found in

Aleksandr Grigoryan has won the first prize (after Armen Alchian) for the best paper in the 2014 conference of the Armenian Economic Association (AEA,, June 20-23, Yerevan. Since 2011, AEA annual conference brings together many Armenian and foreign distinguished economists from all over the world, recognized as the most prestigious economic conference linked to Armenia and Armenians.

We are proud to notify one more time that our fellow’s paper, with the intriguing title ‘’Power and Migration’’, has been awarded by the conference juries with the best prize in the conference.