The Apella Institute has launched a new project called “Empowering the young actors of change – Leveraging dialogue on academic integrity in Armenia.” The project aims to challenge students, lecturers, young activists and creative minds from every corner of Armenia to collaborate on developing ideas of public communication campaigns about the key issues affecting transparency and integrity of higher education.

What we hope to achieve

We hope that as a result of the project the main stakeholders of the academic process (in particular, the younger generation) will get a better sense of the main corruption risks affecting the quality of our education and learn about best practice(s) for ethical conduct in higher educational institutions. Besides, we will invite at least 45 students and activists to come up with their own creative ways of communicating what they regard as the most detrimental corruption risks, as well as possible ideas and formats to communicate them to the wider public.

What is the timeline of the project

8-9 July: a two-day creative communications hackathon

to get acquainted with the corruption risks in colleges and universities in Armenia

to learn about best practices in communication of anti-corruption reforms in creative ways

to learn how to launch a successful online communications campaign

to get skills for creating communications campaigns that challenge public perceptions

to design an outline and samples of a future campaign

15 July-1 October: with the assistance of mentors, teams will work on developing their communication campaigns

1-15 October: roll-out of campaigns and stocktaking workshop with campaign authors

The project is funded by the Council of Europe’s project “Strengthening Integrity and Combating Corruption in Higher Education in Armenia.”