What: Brainstorming Workshop

When: Saturday, 7 October 2017

Where: Ani Plaza Hotel, Business Floor (ICHD Meeting Room) (Sayat-Nova Street 19, Yerevan)

Language: Armenian

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Awareness raising about corruption in education and efforts to tackle it is now included in most anticorruption programs. The thinking is that anticorruption messages – shared via posters, facebook videos or television programs – will inspire students to understand the benefits of studying with integrity and to target those acts they see as corrupt. Yet, these may not be the acts – such as plagiarism or fraud – that anticorruption campaigners hope to target.

How much do we know about the impact of awareness-raising campaigns on the behavior of students, lecturers and other academic staff? Does the way we communicate about academic integrity matter? Can communication and outreach campaigns eventually help break the chain of corruption in the classroom?

In a three-hour workshop, we would like to exchange on the best (and worst) examples of anti-corruption communication and media campaigns in the education sector in Armenia We also hope to draw some of the lessons from the recent campaigns, as well as to brainstorm jointly on how to increase the potential impact of anticorruption messages and how to involve students in the process. The Apella Institute’s team will present several samples of the communication campaigns developed by Armenian students within the Academic Integrity Hackathon held in July 2017.

The workshop will be held under the Chatham House rule. The Apella Institute will use the key findings from the meeting for a briefing paper on ‘Anti-corruption communication in Armenia: Analysis and recommendations’.


10:15-10:30 Registration / Coffee

10:30-10:40 Welcome, background and introductions

Victoria Aydinyan, Apella Institute  

Liana Amirbekyan, Council of Europe Office in Yerevan

10:40-10:50 “Did you get my message?” How do we talk about corruption?

Anna Gevorgyan, Education Policy Specialist 

10:50-11:30 Presentation and discussion of Academic Integrity Hackathon Campaigns

Victoria Aydinyan, Apella Institute, and representatives of the hackathon winning teams

11:30-12:30 Making anti-corruption communication work: mapping practices and tools (discussion in break-out groups)

In this session we would like to jointly map out successful and unsuccessful campaigns against corruption in the education sector led by national institutions, international organizations or local youth groups.

How have we been communicating integrity so far? What were the factors of failure/success? Which messages and tools worked better and which not? How successful were efforts to engage students? What are the main pitfalls to avoid when designing a campaign about corruption in education? What are the next steps to improve anti-corruption campaigns in Armenia?

Each participant is encouraged to bring in their insights and experiences in this session.

12:30-14:00 Consolidation and discussion of follow-up work

Rapporteurs from each group bring ideas from the small-group discussions onto the podium with a follow-up discussion

Moderator: Anna Gevorgyan, Education Policy Specialist 

The workshop is organized by the Apella Institute for Policy Analysis and Dialogue in the framework of the project “Empowering the next generation – leveraging dialogue on academic integrity in Armenia”. The project is supported by the Joint Council of Europe and European Union Project “Strengthening Integrity and Combatting Corruption in Higher Education in Armenia”.